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It's beginning to feel like Christmas

Let's not put a health conscious downer on the festivities ahead but just remember a few things to help your mind & body have some rest and rejuvenation too.

Hydration - when life gives you lemons hydrate, don't just put them in the mince pies! It's easy to forget in the colder darker days and nights but we still need to hydrate. Warm herbal teas, warm water with fresh ginger/lemon, just have a mug going all through the day, you will notice this in the mornings. To many times we wake up dehydrated & it's then catch up all day. The Italians always have a glass of water with their espresso, just saying.

Mind the Sugar - We know it's tempting with chocolates on the table and mince pies in the fridge but don't go over board- your hormones and your skin will not thank you for it. Focus on savoury foods, just have a little bit of sweet. Choose some fruit with cheese at the end of a meal over more Christmas pudding.

Don't forget Fasting - Remember if you have over indulged you can always fast the next day, if eating late, then get at least 14 hrs in before you next eat, go for a walk, have an large lemon water- your liver, skin & blood sugars will thank you for it. Fasting for 14 hrs or more starts to reset your microbiome for more efficient digestion & detox.

Move & be kind to your Liver - A little daily Milk Thistle goes a long way to helping your digestion deal with food & drink over load. Walk every day even in the rain, Dr Mosely says it's even better for us in the rain!  In 2 recent Studies in Japan and Korea they found that rain improves air quality, there was a 20 percent reduction in the most harmful fine air particles that cause lung damage after rain. That smell after rain is actually released by bacteria in the ground  which have mood boosting properties raising both serotonin in the blood & alpha brainwave activity, which is a sign of relaxation.So with UK rainfall we should be all good this year!

Sleep - it can be friend or foe, sleep can be tough at times. If your struggling - read with a low back light, count your breath, have a bath with some Epsom Salts before bed, even if it's late and everyone else is in bed -it may just help you to get a deeper sleep. For those of you in Peri or Menopause sleep can really change and it can be difficult but keep trying routines to see if it's the one or combination that sends you back into a more 'normal' sleep pattern. It’s it's finding what works for you.

Letting go of emotions whatever they are - it can be a happy and sad time as we reconnect with loved ones. miss the ones who are not there but feeling all the emotions connected to these passing times and letting them go with friends, family or even a good film or book will help us to clear and move on before the next even year approaches. Happy Christmas to you all, see you in 2024.

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