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Woman dancing with headphones on
Woman dancing with headphones on

Your Energy Matters

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Do you fell more tired, sluggish or sleepy than you used to?

Do you lack the energy to take on a new job, a new relationship, or a new exercise routine?

Is it because you are juggling family, work, pets and hormones?

Find out more about the Tonic Health approach to helping you restore your energy levels.

Hydration, exercise, sleep, and emotional well being are just some of the factors that contribute to your daily energy.

Understanding what is lacking in our daily food intake can also be the key to our energy levels.


Ever stopped to think about what you eat day to day? It's often not quite what we think it is - sometimes better, some times worse!

Understanding what impact our hormones are having on our energy is also crucial - for men as well as women.

Our bodies are super smart if we listen, they tell us a alot of what we need.

But in a busy world we listen less to our bodies and ask them to do more.

I'll work with you to look at all these.


I'll help you take control and get your energy back.


Did you know that we need to tweak what we eat at different times of the year as well as different life stages and at different times in our cycle?


We do some of these things naturally as the seasons change. For example, during the winter months we find nourishment from sweet root vegetables and pulses, which gives us those water-soluble vitamins (B's and C).


During the summer months we get these same vitamins from eating fruits and summer salads.

Other diet changes need a bit more investigation, for example:

  •  checking your vitamin D levels shows us what absorption is happening and whether your immune system is getting the support it needs. 

  • your total cholesterol scores will let you know whether you have the good or the bad fats in check.

  • your folate might be low, not enough in your system to support energy production at a cellular level, this can feel exhausting and confusing.

All this can show if your diet and lifestyle is working for or against you, and it gives us the information to start to set that right.

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People at a Beach Party

In my Energise Programme we will work together over a period of three months,  we'll meet either in person or on Zoom, or both!

  • We'll dive deep into your health, look at what is working and what is not using my Whole Body System

  • We'll breakdown what and when you are eating

  • We'll review diets, supplements and treatments that you have tried and tested.

  • We'll run a Baseline Blood panel to see where markers are at & set up some targets unique to you.

  • We'll discuss other testing options from your genetics to your microbiome.

I'll develop a unique food plan for you focusing on what you need to add in &  foods to be avoided. I may also dispense a herbal tincture to treat any ongoing symptoms or supplement inclusions for your short, medium and perhaps long-term health goals.

During our three months together, we will check in with your progress on your chosen markers and adjust your plan accordingly. This is your journey.

Come and work with me today and find your real energy and passion for how you want to live your life, get rid of unwanted debilitating symptoms.

Want to find out more?


Email or fill your details in below.

Investment £395 (excludes further tests,tinctures, or supplements).

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