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Your Energy Matters


 Understanding what is lacking in our daily food intake can be key to how much energy we have.

Do you feel you have enough energy?

Do you have the energy to do what you are asking your body to do? A new job, new relationship, or new exercise routine?

Hydration, exercise, sleep, and emotional well being are just some of the factors that contribute to your daily energy. Another critical factor that impacts your energy is whether you are getting the right nutrients from the foods that you eat.

Have you ever taken time to go through what you eat day to day? This is a great exercise to do as it's often not quite what we think it is; sometimes better, sometimes worse! 

We need to tweak what we eat at different times of the year and at different life stages. Some of these things we do naturally as the seasons change. For example, during the winter months we find nourishment from sweet root vegetables and pulses, which gives us those water-soluble vitamins like vitamin C or the B vitamins. During the summer months we get these same vitamins from eating fruits and summer salads.

Our bodies are super smart if we listen, they tell us a lot of what we need. The thing is, in today’s busy world we listen less to our bodies whilst asking them to do more, and this can have a negative impact on our energy levels. In addition, the last few years have been hard for many of us as we have navigated our way through the pandemic. This has meant living in our ‘flight or fight’ pathways, drawing on energy stores and using hormonal responses that should switch ‘on’ and ‘off’ when needed, however have been more ‘on’ than ‘off which can leave you feeling stressed or what we call ‘wired and tired’. This can become a vicious cycle leading to fatigue, sleeplessness, irritability, depression, anger and getting frustrated about things that would normally not bother us.

Skin Health, clear skin, Gut Health, post Viral health, Woman's Health -Tonic Health


The good news is you can take control and get your energy back!

The right nutrients and support can help you to adjust the biochemistry needed to realign your fight or flight pathway. Nutrient gaps and burnouts can be missing links to this, and when supported we can properly revive this pathway of stress and the ‘fight and flight’ mechanism.


For example, checking your vitamin D levels shows us what absorption is happening and whether your immune system is getting the support it needs.

Picking up your total cholesterol scores will let you know whether you have the good or the bad fats in check.

This allows you to see if your diet and lifestyle is working for or against you and give us the information to set that right.

Your folate may be low, you may not have enough in your system to support energy production at a cellular level, this can feel exhausting and confusing.

Single nutrient deficiencies & information about nutrients they work together with give us some focused areas to work on and where to adjust dietary intake.

Skin Health, clear skin, Gut Health, post Viral health, Woman's Health -Tonic Health


After our initial consultation, we will work together for a period of 3 months with the option to meet in-person or online for 3 sessions.

We will breakdown what and when you are eating; systemically going through your body systems to see what is working well and perhaps where you are struggling. We will review any diets that you have tried and tested and look at what supplements you may already take or have tried in the past.

You will receive a unique food plan when we have worked out what works for you and what should be avoided.

We may need to run some tests, perhaps bloods or stool analysis, to see where your body is at. In addition, I may recommend a herbal tincture to treat any ongoing symptoms or supplement inclusions for the short, medium and perhaps long-term health goals.

During our 3 months together, we check in with your progress on your chosen markers that are uniquely important to you and your health.

Come and work with me today and find your real energy and passion for how you want to live your life.

To book drop me an email: or fill in our contact form below.

Cost £190 (excludes tests, tinctures, or supplements) 

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