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Our skin is our largest organ; it protects us from the outside world and helps balance our environment. It warms us up, cools us down and warns us when something doesn't feel right - think goosebumps! 


We underrate its magic and can often neglect it until something goes wrong. Sound familiar?


Skin is a great indicator as to what is going on within us. Through my extensive experience over the years, I have come to trust the skin’s signals and use this information to look a little bit deeper to see what is going on underneath.

When things feel good on the inside our skin glows. What you put into your body is crucial to getting your glow back. I can help you get your glow back by looking at what you put on your skin and what you use internally via your diet and perhaps the right supplement support your skin health.

Whether it's oily or blemished, whether you suffer from eczema or another skin condition, the key is working from the inside out. What works for us is unique to our own skin, and just like our fingerprints don't match anyone else’s, neither do our skincare needs.

​Skin is the reason I do what I do today. I had ferocious eczema as a child and my local healthcare professionals could only prescribe hydrocortisone creams; by the age of 9 my skin and I were addicted to these creams.

I then discovered Chickweed ointment on the bottom shelf of a chemists and decided to give that a go; it was the beginning of the end of my eczema! I also realised that my hands itched like crazy when I chopped tomatoes and that I felt sick when I drank cold milk. This has led me to a lifetime of learning about our bodies and what makes them tick.

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Book your consultation with me today and find out how to get your inner and outer glow back.

​We will meet for an initial appointment for an hour and then we will follow up in 3 to 6 weeks. Our follow up may be in two half hour sessions or an hour session depending on your needs.


I also work with some fabulous skin products that I will share with you.

To book drop me an email: or fill in our Contact form below.

Investment £175 (excludes tests, tinctures, or supplements) ​

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