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It's your Gut Feeling


When we talk about gut health we mean the whole digestive system. Mouth tum to bum!

As important as a healthy digestion to absorb what we need, it is critical that we have good gut diversity and to have a bowel movement every 12-24 hrs. To do this we have to eat the right high fibre fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes nuts and seeds - Plant foods!

The fibre feeds our microbiome and  keeps it diverse simply making sure it can do all the jobs we need it to do. This is a preventative factor for constipation, colon cancer, diverticulitis, haemorrhoids and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Just increasing the right fibre foods every day is a great start - you will see and feel the difference.


When improving what you eat doesn't help, with symptoms of constipation, stomach pain, nausea, bloating, fatigue is where a Naturopathic Approach can help.

Often, life, a virus, a travel bug and or stress can throw our gut function off track.

We don't tolerate foods like we did, our hangovers seem worse, there is consistent gut pain that we just get used to.

These signs tell us we need to look at digestive function and our gut health. 

If we take note of the little symptoms they are less likely to evolve into something more serious.


Our guts are as unique to us as our fingerprint, not one thing works for all, so if your digestion is upset or not functioning this needs to be investigated by a whole system approach.

What are you eating, what don't you eat? what makes it better or worse? how long has this been going on for and is it related to any past illness? 

We need to get to the root of these symptoms and set up a plan to resolve symptoms, find a toolkit for better health.


How do we do this?

By listening closely to symptom patterns and sometimes using functional testing - stool and or bloods, can help us get to the root of debilitating symptoms and lead us in the right direction.

This leads us to the right foods, lifestyle changes, supplements and or herbal tonics, to properly change our gut function and get back to optimal health.When our gut is well, we feel well from within.

Bloating, diarrhea, constipation, stomach & gut pain, IBS, food intolerance's, allergies, are all warning signs.

I can help you to make small changes that will improve how you feel.

Your energy levels will increase and I will share with you information that will set you on a journey to feeling healthier for the rest of your life. 

Skin Health, clear skin, Gut Health, post Viral health, Woman's Health -Tonic Health


Come & discuss current symptoms to get treatment started for you now and get your gut back back into shape and help boost your immune system.

We will breakdown what and when you are eating; systemically going through your body systems to see what is working well and perhaps where you are struggling. We will review any diets that you have tried and tested and look at what supplements you may already take or have tried in the past.

You will receive a unique food plan when we have worked out what works for you and what should be avoided.

We may need to run some tests, perhaps bloods or stool analysis, to see where your body is at. In addition, I may recommend a herbal tincture to treat any ongoing symptoms or supplement inclusions for the short, medium and perhaps long-term health goals.

During our 2 sessions we can choose your chosen markers that are uniquely important to you and your health. We will set a time to review to see what is working and what is not.

Come and work with me today and find your real energy and passion for how you want to live your life.

To book drop email: or fill in our contact form below.

Cost:1 hour £65, 2 hours £120

Skin Health, clear skin, Gut Health, post Viral health, Woman's Health -Tonic Health


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