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Nutrition for Energy & Mental Health - Tiny Changes

How do we make changes to our routines & lives that actually matter and help us to feel better?

I think that working with a 'what can I add in? approach feels better than 'what do I cut out?

Thinking about what to include, not what to exclude feels like a healthier, more positive place to work from.

I like to encourage clients to use this whether thinking about the next meal, the next day, the week or month ahead.

Small & simple additions can be easy to achieve, whether this is what is on our plate, in our fridge for the week ahead or what exercise we have planned over the next month.

Choose something to 'Add in' every day, a 'handful' of humble peas, mixed nuts & seeds or fresh berries. These will all help you to feel better!

Choose which exercise you are going to add in over the next week.

Sound too simple to make a difference? Try it and let me know how you get on!

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