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The butterfly effect of the morning routine.

“There's just no time in the morning to properly take care of yourself!”

I've heard that excuse so many times. It's true, it's not easy to find time to focus on you in the morning, but there are so many little things you can do to make your day better! Introducing rituals to your routine can help to build the base you need to start your day better!

Do you rush to check your phone first thing in the morning? Are you addicted to checking the news right after you wake up? Wait a while and give your mind some space to wake gently rather than being bombarded with information and artificial light. If you check your phone immediately when you wake up in the morning, you’re forcing your brain to skip from delta waves to beta waves. This means your brain misses out on those vitally important alpha and theta brain waves, which can set you up for a slew of negative side effects throughout your day.

Instead, establish a morning ritual, like a calming brew of herbal tea, a walk, if you have time, or some stretches. It eases you into the day, helps the brain to gradually change “modes” and can give you a sense of grounding and peace, that has a profound influence on energy levels! There is a proven link between a morning ritual and productivity levels throughout day!

It might be especially challenging and counter-intuitive initially, but it's worth it. My days are so much better when I start them by walking my dog!

If you’re looking for support in building good habits, creating a routine and getting those energy levels just right, message me and let’s discuss how I could help you achieve your goals!

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