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Your Menopause & HRT

As a Naturopath, I think it's really important to monitor and keep track on how your feel on your HRT journey. Blood checks, symptom reviews can be fantastic ways to see how your body is managing the hormone support and whether any co factors (nutrients that are essential for it to work) are within normal ranges.

As your body changes, so does your requirement for certain food groups and their supporting nutrients.

We know that protein starts to take emphasis over quick release carbohydrates and that it is crucial to have supporting 'good fats' to keep cholesterol levels where we want them to be. Don't be afraid to take control and ask the questions about your menopause journey.

Supplements & herbal medicines can be individually prescribed depending on medications used & other underlying conditions.

Whether you are using HRT or not there are many ways to help at this time, finding what combination works for you is the key.

Menopause First Aid Kit

Omega 3's whether Fish or Algae source for low mood & aching joints

Multi Vitamin with B Complex & Magnesium for anxiety, sleep & better energy

6-9 Strain Probiotic - make your gut happy you'll get more from your food.

Vitamin D/K2 to support hormonal function, bone & mental health.

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