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Mind How you Recover & Happy 2023

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

So many of us have had weird and nasty viruses over the holiday period. How are you building yourself up after these?

It can be rough dropping straight into 'normal' routine when viruses have left their mark. Energy levels are low, foods not tasting the same, weird sensations on the tongue, just not feeling 'right' in our skin.

Take rest when you can and try to get some of these into your daily routine:

Lemons, limes & grapefruits are all bursting with Vit C & Antioxidants - squeeze over cooked veggies and salads or slice at least 1/4 of the fruit and make a hot drink - add in large slice of Ginger & Turmeric Root, which repair worn and torn cells and reduce inflammation left over from viral intrusions.

Additional Vit C boost - Chop a kiwi in half and eat with a spoon - 1 a day!

Contact me if you need more help.

Two halves of a cut lime

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