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Know Your Cycle

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

I wish I knew then, what I know now, about each stage of our cycle not just at the period bit! Mum's, Dad’s, Aunties, Grandparents; speak to your teenagers about their cycle, help them understand the pattern and why they feel how they do, it's their super power. I remember meeting a Dad with his daughter on his shoulders, they had just come back from a festival where she had started her first period. Dad took time to spend time together with his daughter and celebrated this together, normalising & welcoming the next stage of her life..

Wow..this looked and felt so foreign to my experience of menstruation growing up.

Behind closed doors, no family discussion, my Mum thought she was dying when hers started in 1940's as no one told her! My daughter's inquisitive nature just flows into conversations about everything to do with our bodies, I couldn't imagine not talking about her cycle. Have a listen to India Rakusen's 28 Days Later which takes you through each day of your cycle & may help you to open up discussion with your daughters.

It is never too late to explore. I work with women to reconnect them with their cycle & find out why it might be the root of how they are feeling & perhaps change the way they feel about menstruation for ever.


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