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Easy 'B3' where to find it?

The B Vitamins are all important but without B3 we are in trouble, it's another essential vitamin (we can't make it, we have to eat it and we don't store it) so we need some every day. B3 helps to make energy out of our food, therefore helping with fatigue & it is great for our skin health. It is essential to get your cholesterol levels in balance too.

If you are vegetarian but eat eggs, then you have this covered, 2 a day is a good start as it's the highest non meat source.

Meat eaters have it covered with medium sized steak, medium chicken breast as main source accompanied by mushrooms, broccoli, brown rice, peas, sweet potato and avocados which all have lesser, but available, amounts.

We need approx 14-16 mg a day.

In Long Covid cases, it's crucial that all the B's are available on a daily basis these may need to be supplemented to get energy cycles back to a pre Covid state.

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