Your Menopause

Updated: May 25

Our bodies are amazingly clever systems that work for us while we sleep.

Sometimes our bodies feel out of sync and something doesn't feel quite right.

Sleep changes, mood dips, temperature shifts and muscular aches may suggest you are on the menopause journey even if your cycle it steady.

Don't sit and worry about a change in your cycle or a shift in your energy levels, don't presume it has to be like this. Helping these changes with food, lifestyle and nutrient support can really help your menopause journey. You may need to change a few habits and the way your exercise but it will be worth it!

'I survived menopause! Thanks to Lou, and her prescriptions of herbs, supplements, dietary & lifestyle advice I’ve come out the other side of menopause with no weight gain, a reasonable sleep pattern and feeling healthy and happy. I’d recommend anyone struggling with hormonal issues to see Lou.

She’s so professional and knowledgeable.' Fiona, Edinburgh 2022

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