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Chicken or Egg?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

I live with superhero girls that provide my family & friends the best power-packed superfood Fresh eggs - A simple egg is just full of superpowers

They are a great source of protein, choline & B vitamins & essential fatty acids (those are the ones we need to eat as we can't make them)

Eggs work wonders for energy levels, skin & hormone balance, and that’s just a few reasons why I have made them a regular part of my diet.

It has helped me manage to build protein levels to a suitable level whilst navigating a history of vegetarian eating. I know not all want to eat eggs & that is fine but if you do it's a great way to increase healthy protein levels to build & maintain adequate muscle function as we get older.

If you feel like it's an egg day, poach one or two and have on a slice of wholegrain or sourdough bread with & avocado or mushrooms. Enjoy!

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