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  • When we talk about gut health we mean the whole digestive system. Mouth tum to bum!

  • As important as a healthy digestion to absorb what we need, it is critical for good health to have a bowel movement every 12-24 hrs

  • To do this we have to eat high fibre fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes nuts and seeds - Plant foods!

  • The fibre feeds our microbiome ( the good guys ) and make sure that our system doesn't absorbs toxins from the stool. This is a preventative factor for constipation colon cancer diverticulitis, hemorrhoids and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

  • Just increasing the fibre foods every day is a great start - you will see and feel the difference.

  • The whole system needs to work, think of it like your car engine.  What happens when improving what you eat doesn't help with symptoms of constipation, stomach pain, nausea, bloating, fatigue is where a Naturopathic Approach can help.

  • Often life, a virus, a travel bug and or stress can throw our gut function off track. We don't tolerate foods like we did, our hangovers seem worse, there is consistent gut pain that we just get used to. All these signs and symptoms tell us that we need to look at digestive function and our gut health. If we take note of the little symptoms they are less likely to evolve into something more serious.

  • Our guts are as unique to us as our finger print, not one thing works for all, so if your digestion is upset or not functioning this needs to be investigated by a whole system approach.

  • what are you eating, what don't you eat? what makes it better or worse, how long has this been going on for  and is it related to any past illness... never been right since 'I went travelling, I had food poisoning, my mother died etc

  • We need to get to the root of these symptoms and set up a plan to resolve symptoms, find a toolkit for better health. How do we do this?

  • Listening closely to symptom patterns and sometimes functional testing - stool and or bloods can help us get to the root of debilitating symptoms and lead us in the right direction regarding  foods, supplements and herbal remedies to properly change our gut function. When we get the gut well we feel well from within.

  • Bloating Diahorrea, constipation, stomach & gut pain, IBS symptoms food intolerances allergies




Skin Page - when things feel good on the inside our skin glows. I can help you get your glow back by looking at what you put on your skin, what you put into your body - this combination is cruscial to getting your glow back.

Whether it's oily or blemished, whether you suffer from eczema or another skin condition the key is working from the inside out - what you put in is as important as what you put on.

What works for us is unique to our own skin our fingerprints don't match our besty's so why should our skincare needs? 

Skin is actually the reason I do what I do today. I had ferocious eczema as a child and my pharmacist and Dr at the time would shake their heads and say 'OH my goodness what is going on' I was addicted to skin thinning Hydrocortisone creams by the age of 8 - I found some Chickweed ointment on the bottom shelf of the chemist and tried it - it was the beginning of the end of my eczema! I also realised that my hands itched like crazy when I chopped tomatoes and that I actually felt sick when I drank cold milk.

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Hormone Blog - instead of having woman's health or hormone header??? with rotating tex /info on different subjects.....

Winter Tips – snow angel pic

Now is a time to invest on all of our health - Prevention is the key!
Listen to your body; take action and feel so much better. Get your immune system working for you not stuck in ‘Fight or Flight

Simple daily add ins – handful of berries – ½ avocado – juice ½ lemon in mug hot water – handful of dark green leafy’s

A session with me will help you do this, give you tools that help you to get well and stay well over the winter months.

Even the act of taking care of yourself makes you feel better……start today.



Winter Skin Protection –

Gloves – Weleda Skin food – Seabuck thorn or Omega 3 fish oils  - oil from the inside and the outside! &  good woolly hat! – pic of Nancy in Happy Hat




A Gift  – sometimes our loved ones don’t put themselves first. Why don’t you do this for them this year!


Gift a  Naturopathic session that will look at where their  health is at and where they would like it to be throughout 2022

I will look at their diet, exercise, lifestyle, working and home environments.

Other current treatments, medications and medical history will also be considered. I will use a combination of dietary, supplemental & herbal support and  also look into your exercise and lifestyle needs.

*warning - results can be life changing!

All things TUM
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